A tough day…part 2

Took a break, a small, actually a rather long one, working with photoshop, my best friend, okay I should be sketching more, but I found this is quicker…normally all composition problem should be delt with here, but either I don’t plan as much as I should, or I just can’t keep myself from interpretating, it is rarely the case…Anyway back to the model for this next painting…, did like the model’s photo, but I decided I wanted a different composition, focusing just on her legs, boots of course and the red drape….

Noelle Roques

La photo recomposé…the photo recomposed or photoshopé…:)

Noelle Roques rouge et noir 1

So finally that would be the next work of art….but oil, or acrylic, or pastel…and as I said I was quite restless yesterday, pacing the length of my studio appartment, time and time again, going out to take some fresh air and back inside just to get back outside…forth and forth…:)), I guess you cannot wait for part 3….I should do like those film producers and putting a trailer…:)))

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