Not losing the North…hum not translable…

Ok pour cette fois ci je mets l’article…Ok for this time only, available for a limited time…….:) I am posting the text…

Difficult to translate….you must not lose the North, I guess you better figuring a compass, and the needle is pointing anywhere, and it does not stay at one place, true or false North…Archimède, thanks Wiki, I had written originaly Aristotle, found it and said….Eureka,, but as we know, the Vikings did venture up North, and even Mars I think, according to NASA, but not the Greeks…so he was not, Archimèdes, talking about Eureka, Nunavut, or Northwest Territories, where this photo was taken, non Mars, I’ve been there it is dusty, red and beautiful…oops I must not reveal my extraterrestrial origin…I keep forgetting….so ‘ perdre le nord’ in french could be translated as being a bit of a foolish, hopefully not disturbed person, somebody who isn’t quite normal,…good thing, I like people when they are fools, gentle just a bit odd person, fools…so a photo from Eureka, a place that will help you, wanting it or not, to become a bit different, a bit of a gentle fool, as many other beautiful places, photos have sometimes a way to make you dream, I do hope this one does a little bit this job…

Définition du Gros Robert….ok c’est mon nom de famille, Robert, non, pas gros cela c’est ‘mon état physique’….donc je ne ferai donc pas ombrage au Grand Robert…donc on le retrouve le Nord, avec une photo…Eureka, je l’ai trouvé? oui au Nunavut, anciennement les Territoires du Nord-Ouest…rien à voir avec Aristote..ouf merci Wiki…Archimèdes, donc un philosophe grec…question de limiter la possibilité de conter des âneries,Wikipedia est très utile…Âne, ma chère Âne, hum Anne? ne voit tu rien venir…hum…pense que je diverse et tergiverse…donc la photo…et oui perdre le nord c’est devenir un peu fou, avoir un discours, oral ou écrit un peu fou, insensé, décousu….bref déboussolé.

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