Mountains around Eureka, Nunavut


Eureka, 1983-08, vallée / valley; 056-04_1983-08_09-xx-R

Close to the station there is many nice valleys and mountains, this place is almost a paradise, a cold one, but nonetheless, you do have a nice feeling being out there to look at something not many peoples will have the chance to see, and when you get tired of this there is always the possibility to stroll along the Fjord coast, of course after a few months, you start missing south and home, but still this is a beautiful place.

In the meantime, one of my collegue and friend was taking a short rest, while i was shooting all around.

A proximité de la station, on pouvait marcher des kilomètres à travers des vallées sillonnant les montagnes près de la station, d’un côté un Fjord majestueux, de l’autre des vallées et montagnes faisant des paysages magnifiques, bel endroit pour y passer quelques semaines, plus longtemps, c’est une autre histoire.

Un de mes collègues et ami, prenait un petit repos tandis que moi je prenais des photos.

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