Blue sky on Mars…bizarre…

Very strange, this blue sky on Mars, isn’t it?

Étrange ce ciel bleu sur la planète rouge, non?

It is better to read the previous post, to follow this story…

Vaut mieux lire l’article précédent pour comprendre la suite…




Very strange, blue sky on Mars, terraforming? No, I will probably give ammunition to those peoples who believe that spatial flight are faked, and fossils were placed to make us belief in the evolution theory, and that most scientific evidence are just falsified datas to make us believe things, a vast complot for those in power…well in this case it is just another of my pic of Eureka, in the Canadian Artic and modified in photoshop….and I don’t consider myself part of these unscrupulous shadowy peoples who are supposed to control us according to them….:)

Étrange ce ciel bleu sur la planète rouge, non?Bon je vais probablement donner des munitions à ceux qui prétendent que les voyages spatiaux, les théories de l’évolution et bien d’autres sujets scientifiques ne sont que des supercheries habilement montées par des manipulateurs sans scrupules…:)

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