Alicia Silverstone, a pastel…

Yes the one begun last nigth, here’s the latest version, actually from last night, did not reworked it today, at least not yet…still reworking the painting of this lady with a suitcase, sometimes I do forget how it is good switching from one medium to another and getting back to it, wasn’t saying that a few hours ago, the painting wasn’t going well, actually the body was fine and coming along very nice, the face did just go….but it is coming back, but enough, I’m writing things about a future post, so about Alicia’s pastel, the latest version photo….

417-05 Alicia Silverstone, pastel, 19,5x25,5 po, 2012-03-31

and the early stages of this pastel, so far spanning about 90 minutes, I guess it is not that important, how much time, it is quite at the beginning yet…

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