The day after….

Kept on working on this painting, that moody girl in a park, it is closer to the end, which is what is expected, but not always the case in painting or drawing or else, so it is closer but not quite finish yet, since it’s an acrylic I could work on it again today..or leave it there a few days…well, will see…

410-10 Model in a park acrylic 20x28(50x70) 2011-08-30

Ah to be off work on vacation…

Good thing update wise… have the time, if only I did not have to work, I could update twice a day…but it is not the case, so, in the meantime, reworked a painting, what a surprise…an unknown model, she seems to have a not very good day, maybe it just the way it looks now, will see at the end…a bit of suspense….

The picture…you probably don’t come here for my writing…:)

410-09 Inconnue pensive et parc, acrylique 20x28(50x70) 2011-08-29

You could also go to for a different version of this story, the picture is the same of course, or to to see a slideshow of the previous stages of this painting….my marketing director suggested to me that I should mention my other site to attract people…what a silly idea, but I will listen to him…:)


Update finally….

Been busy and down with back pains…so worked on my new site, did not realised how much work was and is still take a peek if you feel like it, updates are more on a daily basis or almost… or the blog page

As for painting, which it is what it is all about…oops there is probably a better way to write that…so an actress, french actress Sophie Marceau

379-34 see above mentioned site for details

And a modern dancer, in a choregraphy

406-16 see above mentioned site for details


one of those in progress, here the photo, but the main thing is that I have too many sites and blogs, so most of them will be updated maybe to a period of 3-4 days..except for which is my main site, this is a bilingual one…french and english, I was tempted by swahili but not many users….so if you want to come and see what’s going on daily that will be the place, also with more pages porte-folio style, hope to see you there…

Liz another session…

Yes, kept going from the computer to update my sites, to the store to buy beer, to the balcony, not to do much except let the sunshine or moonshine do their job, talked with the neighbours about everything and nothing, and of course paint…Liz stayed on the easel, I did not argue…just picked up my brushes and kept painting…

getting closer to the end, but not there yet…

357-64 Liz Hurley huile sur acrylique 70x55 cm 2011-08-20


Of course you could follow the link and browse through this site, there will be more there in the few next weeks, but already it’s ok…I think…therefore I am…well enough for early ‘déblatérations’ which means blablabla I guess…:)

Liz, still, and probably for…

a few weeks again, time to let the painting dry and it is needing a bit more work, too many mistakes done in the past…some of my last paintings spread over years and years, different medium, style and way of drawing and painting…so I guess it is part of the problem…but It is getting where I want it to be…although not as fast as I would like…

357-63 Liz Hurley 70x55 cm huile sur acrylique 2011-08-19

Of course you could also go to my site for a bit more about this painting

LIz…an update

Reworked that painting of Liz Hurley, just realised that last time, it went bad, too much beer drinking while painting…got carried away, so now I’m in mode…repair

357-62 LIz Hurley Oil on acrylic 28x22 in (70x50cm) 2011-08-16

and the previous version

357-61 Liz Hurley huile 28x22(70x55) 2011-07-03


and if you feel like it you can see more on

I guess it’s about time to update

Been busy with mounting my new web site, it’s still unfinished, normal, and also worked on a painting of Lonneke Engel, I was astonished when I realised I started this painting in 2003…It went up down back forward ans spiralling….anything but now it’s getting close to the end..2014 is a good guess…:))

325-56 Lonneke Engel oil 18x24 2011-08-15

You could see the earlier versions, by clicking on Jmr-art maybe you will enjoy the trip…:))